Video Storytelling

for Your Business

Connect with your dream client in a consistent and repeatable way 

Stories crafted for these amazing brands

The growth of your business depends on the relationships you’re able to build and nurture. 

You need more people to know why your service is different.

But how do you get your business to stand out in a way that goes beyond “Hey, we’re the greatest in the business, using the latest technology..”?

It's all about your story.

The story you’re telling is more important than what you’re selling.

It’s not about facts and features, or how much better you are than your competitor, or the fact that you sell exactly what the person needs and wants.

It’s about your story.

By crafting a remarkable story for your business, you'll be able to tell a clear message,  share your story, and increase sales exponentially

I use video as a tool to share your story in the most effective and engaging way, but the real secret sauce is in knowing your story and knowing how to share it with others so that there’s instant understanding of why your business is needed. 


The Process of Crafting Your Story

Discover Your Story

Every project starts with a Roadmapping Strategy Session. In order to tell your remarkable story, we’re going to dig deep. Once we get clear on your story, I'll then create a plan on how to share your story to help achieve your goals.

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Bring Your Story to Life

Once we’ve crafted your story, I’ll bring your story to life by conveying your purpose and passion in an engaging film or series of films. No need for a script or a teleprompter. This is crafted through an authentic conversation. 

Share Your Story

Roadmapping and then bringing your story to life is only 50% of the work. In order to build meaningful relationships and increase sales exponentially, you have to share your story with the right people at the right time on the right platform. 

Stories Crafted by JudeCharles

Design and Build Brilliance

It starts with an idea. Expands into a design. And has a priceless effect once the final design has been unveiled. It’s about enhancing your quality of life, but enhancing your quality of life is as much about the journey and experience as it is about the results.  

Welcome Home

You can tell a lot about a neighborhood by driving through it. Well-kept lawns and well-kept homes indicate pride of ownership. Junk cars parked on overgrown lawns and overturned mattresses at the curb are signs of decay. But what about the local schools in the area, and the local businesses? Buying or selling a home is so much more than just numbers, location, and aesthetics. There a thousand and one decisions that go into the process. The Gary Lanham Group are here to make the process easier. 

Building the Brand

With ambition and motivation to be more than just a cute face, Keyshia Kaoir is determined to build a cosmetic brand that represents her unique style. This documentary series takes you along for the ride as she builds her brand from the ground up. 

Time Irreplaceable

Rooted in the business by his father, Vadim Shersher has been a watch repairman since he was 17 years old. He has studied the ins and outs of repairing watches and even admits to not being able to find a watch he couldn't fix. It's what he loves to do. It's what he breathes for. And this is his story.

Are You Fit Enough?

MyNetTrainer exists to help you get fit enough to pursue your passions. If you’re both physically and mentally fit you are less prone to medical conditions, more likely to have the energy needed to help you reach your goals, and live life to its fullest extent. Bill Dean’s mission is to help 3.2 million people (1% of America) confidently reach their goals through fitness.

Let's get started on telling your story