Roadmapping Strategy Session

Before starting on any journey, it’s wise to plan ahead. My goal is to help you understand where you’re going, how long it will take, how much fuel (budget) you should expect to use, and analyze the risks that we’ll face along the way.

After our session, you’ll have a clear and concise roadmap that will help get you from where you are to where you’d like to be. 


Here’s what to expect with your upcoming Roadmapping strategy session: 

Part 1. Your Core Values (Start with WHY)

  • WHY are you in the business you’re in? WHY do you want to tell your story?

  • What are your core values? Why are they important to you?

  • What does your brand stand for?

  • What are your business goals and objectives?

Part 2. Your Target Audience

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Why do they buy from you?

  • What do they want the most?

Part 3. Video Storytelling - Crafting the right story

We’ll work together to craft your story and come up with a few concepts for your video(s).

  • How will your video(s) help you accomplish your goals?

  • How will we go about telling your story?

  • How will people see your story (this is the most overlooked but critically important part of the process - the distribution of the content.)

It’s important you have a clear plan that will give you a good understanding of how much time and how much money will be required. 

Part 4. Share your story (Marketing)

This is the most overlooked but critically important part of the process - the distribution of the content. A project can only be successful if it reaches the right people at the right time.

You will have a distribution plan that will help you strategically use video within your current marketing channels and I will show you how you can enhance those marketing channels as well.

  • What marketing channels are you currently using?

  • Are there any other channels that you can leverage?

From concept to completion.  

I will deliver your roadmap to you in person and email you a digital copy as well. Included in the Roadmap will be an outline of your story, a visual storyboard so that you'll know how I plan to bring your story to life, and our immediate next steps.

The final roadmap document is yours to keep and you can use it even if you decide not to move forward with working together.

“Jude managed our branding project and extracted our company philosophy and magic smoothly. I watched Jude closely as he built a presentable package that continues to receive praise from all viewers.

Jude’s magnetic personality and quiet inquisitive nature that overcomes the obstacles of storytelling with grace. I will remain forever impressed with Jude’s ability to draw out the story from so many different personalities and assemble the information in a fashion that preserved our brand dignity.”

— William Meleski, Greight Spaces