How Storytelling Helped Greight Spaces Get Better Quality Clients and Referrals

The overarching concept of the project is to help viewers understand Greight Spaces’ 8 Step Process for renovating and remodeling homes.

Rather than simply talking about what Greight Spaces has already done, my vision was to give viewers an opportunity to journey through the entire process. Getting to see the research that goes into picking materials, collaborating with quality craftsmen, and revealing how all of it works together to bring about efficiency, integrity, and perfection - all core standards that are at the heart of the Greight Spaces brand. 

There were two main objectives for the project:

  1. First, have a series of videos that clarifies the Greight Spaces message to the point that there’s instant understanding of what the company does and what they're able to offer. 
  2. Secondly, being able to get better quality referrals from vendors. We would be able to influence the quality of referrals by educating vendors on the Greight Spaces 8 Step Process. 

Based on these two main objectives, we executed the project in 2 phases.

Execution of Phase 1 - Stories for Clients and Website

The videos below are intended to be used within a sales process.

Before 1st initial meeting - Send Brand Story

When the date for the 1st initial meeting is set to meet with the client, Greight Spaces sends them their main brand story - Design and Build Brilliance. This gives the potential client an overview of how Greight Spaces works and why the client should consider working with the company.

Step 2 - After 1st initial meeting - Send Concept Story

Once Greight Spaces has already met with the client, a quick email is sent within 24 hours, thanking the client for their time, the possible next steps, and a video that shares Greight Spaces’ philosophy of living comfortably.  This reinforces what the client received in the 1st video before the meeting.

Step 3 - Client hasn’t moved forward - Send Customer Success Story

One week after meeting with the client, if the client still hasn’t decided to move forward with the firm, send a follow up email and include the Customer Success Story that showcases how Greight Spaces has been able to help one of their clients reach success.

Step 4 - Final Attempt - Send In-depth Case Study

Two weeks after sending a follow up email to the client, if the client  hasn’t decided to move forward or needs more time to make a decision, send last email with link to video that shows Greight Spaces 8 step process from beginning to end. 

Execution of Phase 2 - Stories sent to Vendors

The videos below are only 4 of the 16 videos sent to a list of 3,000 vendors that Greight Spaces has worked with over the past 11 years. These vendors were their greatest source of referrals.

Each month, one new video was sent to vendors using email marketing software.

1. What is Design?

3. Conceptualizing

2. From House to Home

4. Fine Tuning


What are the client's thoughts on the success of the project?

Jude managed our branding project and extracted our company philosophy and magic smoothly. I watched Jude closely as he built a presentable package that continues to receive praise from all viewers.

Jude’s magnetic personality and quiet inquisitive nature overcomes obstacles of storytelling with grace. I will remain forever impressed with Jude’s ability to draw out the story from so many different personalities and assemble the information in a fashion that preserved our brand dignity.
— William Meleski, Greight Spaces