WHY Influences WHAT

If you ask me to create a video - sure, I can do that. I'll grab the camera and a tripod and we can start recording.

But if you tell me WHY you want to create this video and WHY your business needs this video (or WHY you need this very specific business result), then what I create for you becomes dramatically different. 

And WHY isn’t just to make more money.

For example, during one of my latest Roadmapping sessions, I asked my client, "WHY do you want to be able to reach 4,000 online customers in 12 months?” 

After the 3rd time of me asking this, he finally answered,

“When I first started my company, I always dreamed of reaching at least 1% of America through fitness. That means I will need to reach 3.2 million people. So, having only 500 people using our service just won’t cut it. 

There’s so much potential out there in each and every one of us that’s waiting to be unlocked. If you’re fit enough, your whole world opens up to you. I can help people get fit enough, no matter how old they are.

If I don’t start putting more effort into reaching this goal that means 3.2 million people may not ever pursue their passions. I just can’t allow that to happen.”

Now that changes everything!